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How investing in our MIPS Consultants can benefit you in 2020

It is more difficult for an Eligible Clinician (EC) to meet all of the requirements to avoid the everincreasing financial penalty in 2020.

New 2020 risks and requirement

  • Penalty for not reporting increased from -7% to -9%
  • Minimum score increased from 30 points to 45 points
  • Exceptional Performance bonus pool point minimum increased from 75 points to 85 points
  • Data completeness requirement increased from 60% to 70% for the Quality category

Training and education

Our consultants provide ongoing education of the staff and other stakeholders in the process throughout the year. Enhanced training and communication leads to more coordinated effort and often a higher MIPS score.

Determining measures that matter to your practice

We help you with selecting the best combination of and collection types for the Quality category measures that best fit your organization’s workflow, patients, and needs.

Manage multi-location and multi-specialty practices reporting

Our consultants help you navigate the unique challenges that come with managing multiple locations spreading over a city or state(s). We help you find the best approach to MIPS for each individual location.

Help reduce the likelihood that your MIPS submission will be audited

Our consultants create a customized Book of Evidence to maintain the proper documentation of MIPS data performance tracking from results to submission. Although audits are random, we insure our clients have proper documents readily available if ever audited. MIPS submission audits can happen anytime from immediately after submission to several years later.

2020 MIPS data must be reported by March 31, 2021 with impact to payments in 2022.

Investing in Dermpath Diagnostics consulting services can help you swiftly navigate MIPS requirements, from start to finish. To get started, contact your local Dermpath Diagnostics representative or email

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