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Lipoma is a benign tumor that develops from fat cells. This slow growing tumor has a clinical appearance of a lump under the skin. When a Lipoma is softly pressed on, the lump is moveable under the fingers with a soft doughy feel to it. Lipomas are normally located around the neck area, shoulders, back and arms, ranging from 0.4 in to 1.2 in. The cause of Lipomas are unknown, they are linked to genetic factors. Treatment is not necessary for this benign tumor. If the Lipoma is located in a bothersome location or if it continues to grow, a simple excision can be performed to remove it. Liposuction is another option, which allows removal from a small incision that may be located remote from the actual tumor.

Occur in 1% of population

Unknown; Minor injuries may trigger the growth

Slow-growth, developing from fat cells

Round, moveable, flattened lumps under the skin

Mature adipocytes, generally surrounded by a fibrous capsule

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