Dermpath Diagnostics Commitment to Dermatopathology
Dermpath Diagnostics is exclusively focused on providing exceptional dermatopathology services. Our commitment to dermatopathology is backed by an unrivaled team of over 75 board-certified dermatopathologists, advanced diagnostic technologies and a proficient support team dedicated to serve you, your staff and patients.

Our mission is to provide accurate, clear and prompt diagnoses. Through the development of strong consultative relationships with each of our referring clinicians, together we will provide the best possible care for every patient.

Personalized Services

  • Access to our team of board-certified dermatopathologists
  • Personalized consultation on difficult cases
  • Accurate, consistent and detailed diagnostic reporting
  • Clinicopathologic correlation
  • Diagnostic consultations on slides performed by outside laboratories
  • Live patient viewing on difficult cases (select locations)
  • Photomicrographs on reports (select locations)

Advanced Diagnostics

  • Exclusive to dermatopathology with over 20,000 melanomas diagnosed annually
  • Roundtable discussions on difficult cases
  • Evaluation of margins on request
  • Comprehensive immunohistochemistry menu for complex cases
  • Direct and indirect immunofluorescence
  • Mycology analysis by PAS stains of nail plate or scrapings and/or by culture
  • B-Cell and T-Cell gene rearrangement studies
  • Technical slide preparation (select locations)
  • Frozen sections (select locations)
  • Rapid permanent sections on emergency cases (select locations)
  • Clinical and advanced testing menu offered by Quest Diagnostics and Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
    • All-encompassing clinical testing menu
    • BRAF testing for patients diagnosed with metastatic melanoma

Enhanced Services

  • Expeditious turnaround time on routine cases
  • Specimen pickup by in-house courier or by overnight air courier
  • Diagnostic report delivery by courier, EMR connectivity, via the internet, remote printing, fax and/or mail
  • Numerous contracts with national, regional and local health insurance providers
  • Prompt and courteous attention to all service issues and patient billing questions
  • Educational conferences for physicians and physician extenders
  • Complimentary patient educational materials
  • Our dermatopathology leaders meet regularly to assess and improve our professional services

Educational Opportunities

  • Onsite access to glass slide study sets for residents to prepare for dermatology boards
  • Sponsors of the Barron Board Review the nation’s largest pre-board examination courses in dermatopathology
  • Nationwide dermatopathology reviews including the Northeast Dermpath Review, Dermpathology 101 and 102
  • One-week dermatopathology preceptorships for osteopathic dermatology residents.
  • Dermatopathology conferences and dinner seminars
  • Providers of numerous fellowship programs and training in all aspects of dermatopathology.


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